United against repression

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In summer 2017 thousands of us came together from various countries and demonstrated against the G20 summit. Not the official enactment of the G20, but our protests have dominated the image of these days. Our heterogeneity and determination have considerably disturbed the propaganda event. This was, not at least, possible because various different groups and organizations have followed the same goal.

Marking the “Day of the Political Prisoner”, we want to take a stand against repression. Our demonstration will show that the governmental calculation of criminalization, intimidation and division will fail.

The days of the summit were for us not only moments of meeting and successful resistance, but also a systematic aggravation of governmental repression. Before and during the summit, the police acted completely independently, staging large-scale areas of demonstration bans, bans of camps and violent attacks. And repression continues: long investigative custody, house searches and calls for public denunciation.

Autoritarian formation

Against the background of the current world-wide authoritarian formation of state and society, Germany is the scene of a political turn to the right and a further militarization of the police as well. The aggravation of the paragraph concerning resistance and breach of the peace, which has been ratified by the Bundestag in May 2017, has to be seen in this context. With the G20 summit in Hamburg a few months ahead, the signal was obvious: whoever leaves the governmentally sanctified frame of protest will face severe punishment.

But the long sentences of imprisonment following the summit are not only related to this recent aggravation of the law. In many of the trials and sentences, the courts aim mainly at a deterrent of resistance of others.

The various measuers of repressions which we have face dduring the past months have made it obvious: police and organs of repressions see the enemy to be standing left. They try to scare us as an antagonistic movement. They try to scare us in order to prevent us from organizing and to act in resistance against the dominant system. Repression against left wing movements has a long tradition in Germany. For example: this year is the 25th anniversary of the ban of the Kurdisan Worker’s Party PKK, which continues to set comrades in prison according to paragraph 129b.

The expansion of the modern security state is also a reaction to the global escalation of social conflicts. More and more people are forced to flee, often with lethal outcome, due to the forced opening of less developed markets by and for the leading industrialized nations.

But inequality intensifies also inside the fortress Europe. Capitalism is not willing anymore to let the wage-dependent participate in the profit even to a minimum extent. People who are not usable for the economic system are fobbed off with alms. The social components of the bourgeois state are replaced by the leading principle of authoritarian formation – and major parts of society willingly accept this.

Let’s not be intimidated

We are not coming to complain. Because wherever the dominating system is questioned, governmental repression will be the answer. We will, however, continue to fight in various ways for our comrades soon to return with us to the streets.

Our aim is a solidary self-determined society free from oppression by state or gender relations, without exploitation. Locally and globally, solidary and collectively we will pose our resistance against the terrible status quo.

The strife for a different life is what has made us protest against G20, as a movement in all its diversity. We have chosen the forms of our protest ourselves, not according to the prescriptions. Let’s make the repression come to nothing – we will not be divided, we will not be isolated.

Let’s take a stand for a solidary perspective, let’s organize and counter the repression together: whether in court, in contact with the prisoners and the convicted, while organizing meetings or on the street.

It has hit a few, but we are all meant! Freedom for all G20 prisoners! Freedom for all prisoners!

Come to Hamburg to the anti-repression demo on 17.03.2018 at 2 pm, Gänsemarkt.
United we stand!


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